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Hi I’m Sandra!

Never really growing up & variation are two important aspects in my life.

On this blog you will find my fashion brabblings, style explosions and some trend influences. But mostly it will be style over fashion. Modern classics, feminine and playful, but also some spontaneous inspirations. I have to mention I’m no fashion specialist nor stylist, I just love to play around in the field of all these beautiful prints, patterns, materials, colors and shapes.

Besides these ‘fashion brabblings’ I’m also an entrepreneur. I have my own fulltime recruitment agency in IT (now together with my husband) which I started almost six years ago. Finding a balance between these two worlds is sometimes a challenge, but I wouldn’t wish for anything different.

About my blog name

is a form of expressing yourself, a form of art that provides us inspiration and trends every season. Fashion is vivid, fast and renewing or remembering us of other years. Fashion is so diverse that there always is something to like about it, for anyone. Especially last few years while seeing fashion blends of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Style is something much more slow. It’s a way of life, a certain characteristic in which you define yourself. Strongly connected to fashion, but yet so separate from it.
I am a fashion lover, but I believe more in style than fashion. If you choose your fashion carefully it enhances your style. Simply following all latest trends, even if it doesn’t suit you well is, for me, like being a sheep. (and yes I’ve been a sheep too.. I think many of us have been 😉 . Remember your puberty years? ‘I gotta have that, cause that’s só in fashion right now!’ .. and after much of bagging to my mom I was walking around in those monsterous platform Buffalo boots. Not my best memories haha…)
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